Our company

Frikimask.com is a design and content company, which is specialized in the development of hygienic and reusable masks, sustainable with the environment, reducing the use of materials that do not have a good recyclable conversion rate. We try to use raw materials of natural origin such as bamboo or cotton in the making of our warps. A clear commitment to collective work and new ways of synergistic work, create as a consequence reciprocal gains between suppliers, local industry and our company. We are not trying to fight against globalization in a world that has obviously been completely opened up, but we are trying to strengthen our community in this increasingly changing world. Our products are entirely manufactured in Spain and we try to make our prices affordable for the market in which we find ourselves.

Frikimask makes a firm commitment to young people and innovative ideas. No resource seems more precious to us than the desire to take over the world when you have someone who supports you unconditionally. Our designers continually develop what they want by following a plan agreed by all and established to progress with coherence, but giving the creative freedom that is essential in any artistic process. None of our designs have been made by third parties. Our works are our own and always respecting intellectual property, with creativity and ingenuity.

We make washable and reusable hygienic masks, we are clear about what we do and we design our masks, attending to the latest design trends and what is more cutting-edge at all times.