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Red Ribbon Soldier Mask

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Hygienic mask inspired by the characters of Dragon Ball. Made in washable fabric and reusable in 99 washes. It's available in 2 sizes. 

Due to hygienic reasons changes or returns are not allowed. 

The final product may be slightly different than photography.

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Our hygienic masks offer comfortability and protection at the same time they have a very unique and special design. Made with natural fabric like Bambu, they provide the maximum transpirability as well as maintaining total protection. 

The masks are washable and reusable, and they're certified by the prestigious Aitex Institute, with tests based on the regulation EN 14683:2010 + ac:2019. Specification UNE 0062:2020. 

Technical Information

• Composition:

45% bambu - 55% polyester

• Reusable and washable

• Aitex certified:

EN 14683:2010 + ac:2019

Specification UNE 0062:2020

• Antibacterial finishing with silver ion:

The antibacterial properties do not disappear with washing

• Antibacterial breathability: 

before washing 92%

after 5 washings 92%

• Breathability: 

before washing 35%

after 5 washings 54%

• Washing cycles:

washing a 60º with normal detergent

Mask Washing and Drying Recommendations

· Avoid contact between the dirty mask and clean clothes

· The person in charge of cleaning the mask must protect himself when managing the dirty masks

· You must not use products that may hurt the materials or reduce its protection capacity

· It is recommendable to dry the mask at least for 2 hours after the washing

· Do not dry it o sterilize using a microwave

· Both during the drying and storing of the mask, avoid places where the mask could be contaminated

· After each washing cycle, do a visual inspection

· If you detect any harm at the mask (lesser adjustment, deformation, erosion...), you must throw it away.

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